Philosophy of Same Sex Attraction

Our Explanation, philosophy therapeutic process with Same Sex Attraction (SSA, LGBT)?

A person with Same-Sex Attraction (gay, lesbian or LGBT) is not broken. We believe they must receive love, support, and compassion to find any form of healing, whatever healing may be to them.

We believe we must have a Christ-like love for all men and women, despite race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Often we will have an individual experiencing gay or lesbian attraction come into the office and just cry. They feel so lost and alone in this world because of their desire to be with someone of the same gender.

It is hard for most people to understand why or how they could be attracted to the same gender. Don’t worry about trying to understand, just worry about loving them for who they are.

In short, we DO NOT do reparative or (gay to straight) conversion therapy.

We DO NOT believe SSA is an addiction or disorder.

We DO NOT use language like “Overcome SSA.” Such language creates an emotion of an individual inherently being broken and unequal.

We DO NOT believe SSA is a choice someone simply does or does not make.

We DO BELIEVE that we are all children of a loving God who does not make us as “mistakes”; He unconditionally loves us all.

We meet each client in a place of compassion and empathetic support based on their goals in life. Our mission is to help families and their LGBT children connect and communicate; working through the emotional injury, unhealthy coping mechanisms, or disconnection that have come from a result of trying to cope in the dark.  (See the startling results of rejection below!)

We work with clients in attaining real value and self-worth, connection, compassion, and confidence.