We receive a lot of questions but this one is asked more frequently.

How do you stay motivated in porn addiction recovery?

If you find yourself in the addiction cycle, and cannot find any sort of motivation to drag yourself out or you do not feel inspired to get out. What should you do?

The fact that you’re being so real about it and wanting to know some answers, is inspiring.

Change brings with it a lot of complicated factors. It is not easy to embrace the idea of change. To change something that is heavily embedded in your life.

Willingness & Desire to change.

First, Your desire to change and willingness to express such honesty and to just face something that has been difficult for you by reading this shows you’re tired of dealing with this addiction and are seeking options to maintain sobriety and is the beginning of the healing process.

Secondly, to find motivation, some of the exercises and some of the conversation that we go through with clients often involve them looking into the future.

Often, we think clients will find that they typically will see that it is something that even though it may not be completely disrupting or overwhelming to life right at this moment, at least they do not see it that way, they see that they eventually will want to make a change.

You will find some motivation as you complete this exercise. It will take some time.

Answers for each Individual

The answers to these questions can vary a lot by each individual. However,  you will find that over time, with a lot of contemplation, what you want to achieve in life to create peace, happiness and balance. This too will help provide some motivation and a desire to change.

There are many who initially look at change positively but from the perspective of a change for others. That is often something that is, to a degree, motivating.

Something that we will openly give way to a longer lasting source of motivation is internal desire wanting change. My suggestion would be: give it some thought, some contemplation. Think about what you would like your life to be like in the future?

Think about the balance and the peace and the accomplishments, all those kinds of things that you want to do in your life, see where that puts you. That may help drive motivation you for change.

A lot of the time motivation is connected with our ‘why’, which you hinted at a bit there.

Why are you wanting recovery?

Why are you wanting to do what you are wanting to do?

Why ask these questions?

When you start asking yourself these “why” questions, you can really discover the true intent, the true motivator. When it sometimes gets tough, which they will, we will be honest with you, you can say,

“I am doing this because of x; I am doing this because of y.”

What I always say, you first discover your superficial why.

That superficial why is you do it for someone or something else.

Well, no. That is not really the reason why you are doing it. Ask yourself the deeper, darker questions so you can get that deeper answer that is embedded below the surface.

I would say, first go through that exercise.

Ask yourself why you are doing this. Ask yourself, what can you do to prepare yourself for what you are wanting to do. As you do this, you can be quite surprised.

Do stay engaged with us. You can send us a confidential email through our contact page. Send me your “Why”. I will interact with you.

We hope you enjoyed us answering this question for you. If you need more clarification, please let us know?

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