Will Masturbation Reduce Prostate Cancer?

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On one of our recent Q&As we had a gentleman ask, ‘Is it okay to masturbate without porn?’ I heard masturbation is healthy to reduce prostate cancer.

This is a very good question and one that we get frequently so we thought we would address it here. First on a side note, so you know, I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on T.V. But…

We have heard similar statements being made in the medical world. I think that it is important to keep in mind the definition of being okay is a very personal thing. I don’t think that it would be appropriate for anyone to determine if, for example, masturbation in and of itself is okay or not okay, because of the fact that there are personal values involved.

Faith about Masturbation

There are those who have faith-based values that would say,

“Masturbation is wrong. I don’t believe in doing that. That is something that I don’t agree with, it’s against my value system.”

There are others who say, you know,

‘It’s not against my value system it’s something that is a natural thing and as long as it is not disrupting my life, causing me to have problems with relationships or problems with my career or whatever, that it’s okay.’

I think to answer the question is it okay, it’s very difficult to say whether it’s okay for you. I think the ultimate answer lies within your own value system, to say whether that’s okay.

And then, not only the value system but also the idea of whether or not the behavior is something that is compulsive, addictive; where it is starting to become disruptive in life. At that point, that’s kind of a different question where if you say,

Most people would probably look at that situation and say,

‘It’s not okay because I’m compelled and I feel that addiction, that power kind of overtaking my ability to choose and I’m not comfortable with that.’

And so that would be something to keep in mind too is, ‘Do I feel okay with that propensity?’, where addictive behavior can be very disruptive.

Doctors comment about Masturbation

doctorsI have heard some people in the medical world make comments about masturbation being something that can be healthy. I can’t really comment on that personally because I’ve seen kind of both sides of that issue to be honest.

I’ve seen people who have never done that and have felt very, very healthy and at peace with that. On the other hand, I’ve also had people say that that’s a regular practice in their lives and that they also feel at peace with that.

And so, it’s a very personal decision. I need to also say that I’m not aware of any sort of medical problem with doing that. It doesn’t necessarily cause problems, per say. I can’t really comment on the idea that it could possibly battle or keep you from prostate cancer. That’s a great question for a doctor.

Ultimately the question comes down to,

Because this question is so frequently asked the best question would be, “Why are you asking the question?”

Really if you’re asking that question, then there’s something that’s causing you to think either it’s not okay, or are you looking for justification?

What is the reason that you’re asking that question?

We’ve had a lot of people that say after they masturbate that they find that they’re extremely kind of foggy-headed, and their thought process isn’t correct. There’s all levels of- if it’s okay or not okay, there’s all kinds of stories in-between and not.

I always go back to: ‘Why are you asking that question? And what answer were you hoping it would be? Because then to me, that’s either helping to justify the behavior, or is it truly just educational?