Inside Out™” Understanding Teenagers

When I first saw the Inside Out trailer, I thought this was genius in helping to explain the brain in a cartoon, comical way.

The brain has so many parts but we like to simplify it down to two main parts:

Prefrontal Cortex (front part)Parenting Course


Limbic System (red part)

In this movie there are two characters that I would like to point out … Anger and Joy.

Anger to me was a lot like the limbic system, just reacting without really thinking about what IT was doing.

Joy was a lot like the Prefrontal Cortex she was always trying to help the little girl feel better, trying to find the logical reasoning behind the emotions she was experiencing and telling all of the other emotions especially Sadness to stay at bay, stay away from all of the controls.

How many times do we feel like our children’s emotions just go crazy and there is no understanding of why. This movie helps to point out that their are a lot emotions that go on in our children’s head and they are all infants and growing.

Notice the difference between the parents more mature limbic regions (Anger) and prefrontal cortex (Joy) reactions to their daughters responses. Anger from the dad, wants to immediately put his daughter in her place.

He was clueless what was going on, distracted and not in the moment.

However, when he comes to the present moment, he wants to make sure she knows who’s boss and that he’s in control. Anger goes to the point of putting his foot down to help her realize she is out of line. Notice how all of his emotions start celebrating, thinking something great was accomplished, but was it really?

Now look at the mothers mature limbic regions and prefrontal cortex, they noticed something was wrong with her daughter. They were in the moment. They were seeing many unspoken clues that something was wrong but was not sure how to address it without coming to a united stance with her husband. (Rational thinking)

Mom wants to help her daughter.

She wants to help her realize that she’s there for her. She wants to ease whatever pain her daughter is experiencing but is not quite sure how.

If you’re a parent, you can definitely relate to this.

I have 7 children. I love each one of them for who they are and for their accomplishments. There are times where all of the sudden there’s complete melt down; screaming, yelling, slamming doors, etc…

My Limbic (Anger) wants to immediately show them who’s boss and that they don’t ever do this or do that. I want to make sure they realize, I brought them into this world, I can take them out (Not literally but high emotional state thinking.).

It is only after years and years of practice that I don’t explode like this every time. I am now able to diffuse the situation, not because I’m an amazing parent, but because I learned how.

Your Child Needs You

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“I’m sorry dad. I love you. I don’t know why I …”

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