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Vanessa Van EdwardsMeditation, brain, body language, they all have one two things in common Vanessa Van Edwards and Utah Family Therapy.

I am an avid learner online, and I follow a lot of different individuals for many different reasons. One of the people that I have grown to love is Vanessa Van Edwards. She has a company called, “The Science of People” which is all about the study and research of human behavior.

She does many different workshops, and one of them is, “The Power of Body Language.” Since taking her course, I have been able to help family and loved ones because I have learned to read their unspoken words, their body language.

I have been able to probe, when needed, to discover real problems and concerns.

I digressed a little … Needless to say … She’s AWESOME!

Vanessa just came out with an article that I think is fantastic and should be read and understood by others; it is the Scientific Benefits of Meditation.

As you know, or may not know, we recommend meditation in our program.

We are not talking about putting yourself in the lotus position or any weird position. We teach you how to meditate by using the power of focus, which helps to change the direction of your thoughts when triggered.

In her article, she mentions The Science Behind Meditation and How It Rewires Your Brain.

meditation benefits

Benefits of Meditation:

#1: Reduces stress

#2: Increases your sense of well-being

#3: Increases your sense of connectedness and empathy

#4: Improves focus (a significant benefit for porn addicts)

#5: Improves relationships

#6: Makes you more creative

#7: Improves memory

#8: Improves your ability to make decisions

#9: Helps overcome addictions

#10: Improves cardiovascular health

#11: Enhances your immune system

#12: Helps you find “flow.”

#13: Reduces physical and emotional pain (better than morphine)

#14: Takes you towards enlightenment or better understanding

We agree that meditation provides all of these benefits and more. That is why we firmly recommend meditation becoming part of your daily life.

In her article, she lists nine major types of meditation.

Nine Major Types of Meditation

  1. Mindfulness/Vipassana
  2. Zen/Zazen
  3. Metta/Lovingkindness
  4. Heartfulness
  5. Mantra Meditation
  6. Transcendental Meditation
  7. Christian Meditation
  8. Yoga
  9. Qigong/Tai Chi

At the end of her article, she goes into how to get started and what has worked for her. I strongly recommend reading her article. She’s amazing.

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This simple practice of being still and focused can have tremendous benefits when triggers come. You can’t stop the triggers from happening, but you can learn to manage them as they come. Stay focused in your recovery process and see the tremendous benefits.

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