Foggy Brained After Watching Porn & Masturbating

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We received this question from one of the attendees to one of our online question and answers.

I am in a state where I can’t remember things properly. Even if I do remember them now, after half an hour, they’re gone. Why is that?

Here’s our response, answering from the assumption that this is an individual who’s in recovery from pornography addiction.

Interesting facts about recovery

recoveryWith the assumption that you’re recovering from a sex or pornography addiction, the recovery process involves so many elements within our brains that the brain can have different kinds of responses to the stimulus; sometimes they’re conscious, sometimes they’re subconscious.

The way the brain attempts to cope with something negative, is fascinating. The brain can heal over time, it’s called neural plasticity; meaning, the brain can literally heal itself.

It can form new connections, neural connections that are healing, in terms of the ability to process thoughts and emotions differently and form new patterns of thoughts and behaviors, and so forth.

Along with that idea, the brain is also going to look for ways to again, just as I said a second ago, cope with the challenges that it’s facing. So for example if we become- I’ll use kind of an analogy here – we become overly stimulated for example, overly stressed out. The brain has the ability to sort of say, ‘Okay. I’m overloaded. I can’t handle anymore. I’m going to shut down.’ And it’s a protection; it’s a self-preservation mechanism that can be built into our brain processes.

Fight or Flight

Many of you have heard of the term ‘fight or flight’. In kind of a similar way, that can be sort of a flight from an excess of stress or an excess of fear or anxiety, depression. Things like that where the brain can literally cause certain functions to be repressed. So memory, interestingly enough, as I mentioned a few minutes ago, is housed within the limbic part of the brain again, as I mentioned.

And so with it being housed there, it’s interesting how because emotions and instinctual drives are all part of that same limbic system, it can seek to self-preserve by doing certain things that we may or may not be aware of.

One possibility is that your brain could be saying, ‘Okay. I’ve got too much to think about. I can’t think about this or that and the other, I’m overwhelmed and I need to protect myself.’ And so memory problems may be something that could result from that.

And, you know, you’ll often see people who are struggling with an immense addictive behavior in their life will generally have some other concern; some other issue that is presenting itself as well in terms of the mental health status, such as depression, or anxiety, or maybe there are some emotional issues like lack of self-confidence.

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