(First I want to say, forgive me for any grammatical mistakes, errors, etc… I feel it is more important to get this information out than keeping it inside and waiting for someone to edit it.)

The Fear of Failing (Atychiphobia)

“…Imagine living a life where you never bothered to try because you were too afraid of failing — the fear being so intense that you ended up failing by not trying.
The fear of failure is so debilitating that the person never attempts to achieve anything at all. This isn’t to say that he or she doesn’t have dreams or aspirations — he or she just will never try to achieve them.” – Paul Hudson

Many things in life create a lot of fear for us, but one I did not ever think I would hear was:

“I’m afraid of failing at recovery.”

Here’s the story:

Fear of failing can paralyze your success, don’t ever give up!

I talked to someone the other day that said something that I have not been able to get out of my mind. I hope he does not mind me sharing this, but his comment has been ringing in my ears like a church bell.

This is the comment he said,

“I am more afraid of failing at recovery than I am at the joy of succeeding.”

He continued,

“If I fail, it cements my thoughts that I can’t succeed in recovering from this addiction. I need to hold on to the hope that I have. I don’t want to try to find complete sobriety, because I may fail. If I fail, than it proves …”

Grateful For Honesty

I am very grateful for this individual sharing their feelings. I have realized one thing we can do better, and that is helping you understand the power you possess, your real power.

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to be spiritual so substitute whatever you believe in the appropriate way.

You possess the power to succeed in anything you want. We sell ourselves short about how powerful we are. I believe in a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior, Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father (God) loves us so much that he sent his Son (Jesus Christ) to provide a way to return to him by taking on all of our pain, suffering, sickness and yes addictions.

Why did He do this?

…. He loves us!

Saviour helping hands
No matter how old; No matter the problem, the Saviour is there for you.

He loves us and knows how powerful we are. He knows what we can accomplish. He knows that we can influence more and more people if we live a life according to His commandments, His laws, His rules. If He realizes that we have so much power, all that needs to happen is for us to realize we have this power. Heavenly Father loves your daughter, son, and spouse. He loves you.

You are a unique individual.

There may be days that you feel like you’re all alone, but the truth is … “You Are Never Alone!” You may feel like life is not worth living, but the truth is life is about living. Life is about choices, family, friends and learning to love ourselves, despite our faults.

The Lie

I had a friend once tell me.

“Who cares if I live or die? Nobody will miss me.”

I looked at her and said,

“I do”

The truth is we have so many people who care about us; who want the best for us but sometimes we try to shut these people out. We try to tell ourselves, “They don’t care. They are just putting on a show. They just…”

Our Biggest Problem

caring for addicts
Don’t fear success; we’re here to help you.

We care. We really care.

We want to help every person that comes through our doors. A tremendous desire is to assist you in realizing your real potential. We want you to commit to a life of healing instead of an addicted life of pain.

Our biggest problem is also our greatest strength. Your potential is actualized in our brains. This visualization that we have for you, helps us realize you can help others too. We understand that we can’t fix the problems you may be dealing with, but we can help you fix/manage them.

Get the help you need. You owe it to yourself.

You are amazing and can accomplish hard things. We know you can climb to the top of this mountain of struggle which you are ascending.

Don’t give up because you Possess the Power!

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