Counseling American Fork Teens, Adults and Families

Counseling Services in American Fork for teens, adults, and families.

Shame is the reason teens, adults, and families continue to struggle. Our goal is to connect families and to help you find joy and happiness as you heal together. We help you get rid of the feelings of helplessness and frustration.

Counseling American Fork Confident RecoveryThe First Step to receive counseling services is to Call 801-901-0279 and set up an assessment.

Here is what an assessment includes:

  • Connecting and creating a positive atmosphere, diffuse shame, and validate your decision.
  • Assure we understand you and your child’s needs.
  • Empower you in the healing process.
  • Assess the right therapist and team needed for treatment.
  • Develop a treatment plan to meet your needs best.
  • Provide you with education and support, and online parenting course.
  • Connect you with the best resources and solutions your child needs.


Identify what may be causing anxiety and find hope and joy in the journey to healing.
Anxiety Counseling


Technology is fabulous but it can become an addiction. We help you balance your life without getting rid of technology.
Technology Addiction Counseling


Porn can wreck havoc on our lives, but it doesn’t need too. Porn is a struggle just like any other but must be handled correctly, so the behavior is not driven into silence and secrecy.
Porn Addiction Counseling


Sexual compulsion is a widespread common issue nowadays. It includes activity in pornography, sex, abuse within relationships, frequent sexual partners, etc. We can help you.
Sex Addiction Treatment


Depression has caused pain for many people, we work with you to identify what may be causing it and to find hope in the process.
Depression Counseling


Helping individuals who are experiencing Same Sex Attraction and having difficulties finding self worth and acceptance.
Same Sex Attraction


Working with the entire family to strengthen and heal from addictions, behavior disorders and traumatic events.
Family Therapy


Psychotherapy for teens and adults struggling with mental disorders, addictions, anger issues, depression, anxiety etc…
Individual Counseling 


Parents, be your best and learn how to handle situations properly to avoid shame and promote healing immediately.
Parenting Help

We look forward to helping you. We started providing counseling services in American Fork for over 8 years for pornography.

Our compassion and need for mental health services that we couldn’t find, like an Intensive Outpatient Program, quickly had us helping others with different challenges.

We realize that trauma and anxiety are at the root of almost every client so we shifted our focus to helping individuals with trauma while keeping our focus on helping those with pornography struggles.

If you’re looking for counseling services please call 801.901.0279, and schedule an assessment.

You can start the healing process today. We accept insurance and have an insurance liaison to help answer any insurance questions you may have.