Taylor Cordova

Marriage & Family Therapist

What You'll Learn About Taylor Cordova

Taylor Cordova Committed to Relationships

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Taylor is committed to helping individuals and families create enduring and satisfying relationships. 

With extensive experience as an executive functioning skills coach, she is passionate about creating habits and patterns that facilitate a healthy lifestyle and outlook. 

Passionate About Youth

Taylor grew up in Utah County and pursued Health Education at the University of Utah with a focus in dietetics, but she was quickly pulled to the therapeutic world when coming to understand that mental health is the underlying the root of positive physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social health. 

She is passionate about helping youth in particular develop coping mechanisms for life’s challenges, and to help everyone identify and embrace their unique attributes and strengths. 

Increase Self-Esteem Navigate Challenges

Taylor believes that increasing one’s sense of self can provide the necessary perspective to navigate circumstances and challenges, contribute to personal success, promote healthy relationships, and to find healing in mental health challenges and trauma.

In her own family and culture, she saw many struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, shame, and trauma

Values Connection

Taylor values connection with her clients, seeking and celebrating each person’s individuality. 

She is an avid cook and kayaker and believes helping others discover and embrace their passions improves self-acceptance, joy, and connection to those they love. 

Taylor understands life stressors including experiencing loss, religious confusion, parent-child conflict, mental illness, marital discord and divorce, and trauma. 

Taylor is one of the facilitators of the Youth IOP and is excited to join Utah Family Therapy to help these youth. 

5 Fun Facts About Taylor

  • She met her husband at a frozen yogurt shop
  • She is easily distracted by dogs
  • She grew up playing basketball and has a competitive spirit
  • She will eat anything with peanut butter