Jeff Hicken

Jeff Hicken

Marriage & Family Therapist

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Jeff Hicken Anxiety, Depression & Faith Crisis

Jeff Hicken joined Utah Family Therapy and loves working with individuals and couples experiencing anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. “What if you could wake up a month from now feeling satisfied with yourself, your relationships, and your life? While that may feel hopeless right now, it’s more realistic than you think. Healing doesn’t have to take years.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
– C.G. Jung

That may sound overly optimistic to you. After all, a deep part of you is feeling broken, hopeless, and alone in the world. The depression and anxiety have taken over. You feel unsafe in your own body and uncomfortable in your own skin. Your mind won’t leave you alone. And your relationships are suffering. It feels like a dead-end.

But what if you saw this as an opportunity for renewed life rather than a dead-end?

That’s how Jeff sees it, and he works with individuals and couples burdened with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues to find that renewed life.

Faith Crisis a Sign of Spiritual Growth

Do you feel like the religion and community you’ve always relied on is no longer a refuge? Like your whole world is shifting and nobody quite understands you?

Going through a faith crisis can feel more like an identity crisis; like you don’t know who you are anymore. It can make you feel unworthy and unwanted, even in the eyes of those closest to you. But what if you understood your faith crisis as a sign of spiritual growth rather than a setback or moral failure?

While you may feel spiritually dead, Jeff sees your faith struggles as a clearing away to make room for new spiritual life. Just like winter before spring, it’s a natural cycle of eliminating harmful bugs and viruses to make new growth possible.”