Catherine Rowe

Marriage, Family Therapist

What You'll Learn About Catherine Rowe

Catherine Rowe Understands Trauma

Catherine Rowe grew up in Maryland as one of five children. 

Her emotionally formative years on the east coast were deeply affected by the trauma of her father’s six military deployments, which turned her heart toward systems-thinking and counseling at a young age. 

Since then, she has developed a profound understanding of the impact of trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles on individuals and their relational systems.

Continued Education to Help You

Catherine received her undergraduate training in family studies and psychology. She worked as a primary research assistant for various couples’ studies under her mentoring professors at BYU. 

She also had the opportunity to share her robust experience with divorce, addiction, and trauma as a guest lecturer and content consultant for BYU’s Department of Family Life.  

She is presently receiving her graduate training at Utah Valley University in its first cohort of Marriage and Family therapists.  

Enjoys Group Therapy

After graduation, she spent a year working in residential treatment for young adults, where she developed a reverence for group therapy and the shared experience of trauma healing. 

She is presently receiving her graduate training at Utah Valley University in its first cohort of Marriage and Family therapists.

Greatest Hope

One of Catherine’s greatest hopes is to help individuals learn to offer themselves grace.
She believes the human experience of shame to be one of the greatest challenges of life and yearns to help each person in her care unburden themselves from it.
She enjoys all creative pursuits, including art, creative writing, acting, singing, and dancing. Likewise, she loves to utilize the healing medium of creativity in her therapeutic practice.
Her clinical focus includes:
– Trauma and PTSD
– Group therapy
– Treating anxiety and depression
– Working with military families
– Navigating addiction in relationships

Heading Up Utah Family Therapy's IOP

She understands the importance of helping those affected by trauma learn how to manage their symptoms to experience empowerment in the wake of suffering. 
Accordingly, Catherine has taken on the role of lead facilitator in Utah Family Therapy’s trauma-informed Intensive Outpatient Program for young adults. 
She wholeheartedly enjoys working with the inspiring members of the IOP to co-create the group’s mission and culture. 
Alongside a team of IOP therapists, she endeavors to provide space for safety, learning, and connection to all who enter the group space.   
She is one of our compassionate, kind and caring therapists here at Utah Family Therapy.