Understanding Pornography

Understand Porn Addiction The Mind and The Brain There are numerous extraordinary wellsprings of help accessible clinically, yet in our opinion, they don’t address the genuine, profound parts of this fight. For instance, Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D., discusses the contrast between the subconscious and the cerebrum. He demonstrates how the psyche can change the physical mind...
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Vulnerability – Improve Intimacy

Improve Intimacy There is a vulnerability crisis in this world.  Cultivating intimacy (both emotional and physical) can be quite a challenge when a person’s shame meets the other’s and create a perfect shame storm. Brene Brown says that when she asked men, women, and couples: how do you practice wholeheartedness around sensitive and personal issues? ...
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Calm a Fight

How to Calm a Fight- Communication There is a common opinion out there that being angry or being in conflict is a bad or negative thing. Emotions are powerful signals that we are experiencing beliefs or feedback that we don’t agree with or we may feel threatened by. Experiencing threats is a normal part of...
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Sexting joins the Birds and the Bees

Technology Improves, Sexting Increases, and Parents Worry Sexting ranks higher on the parental concerns list than ever before. Along with the wonders of advancing technology comes parental concerns. Following childhood obesity, bullying, and drug abuse, sexting is the fourth biggest concern parents have for their children in the United States. As technology has grown, so...
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True Love or Not?

How do I know if it’s True Love? “For many years I saw a strong man carry his tiny, emaciated, arthritic wife… wherever she could go. There could be no sexual expression … I think that is pure love. I saw a kindly woman wait on her husband for many years as he deteriorated with...
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