Enhance Your Marriage

5 Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Marriage 1. Gratitude for your Partner Enhance your marriage by expressing gratitude. We have all heard about keeping gratitude journals to increase happiness and reduce anxiety. Try keeping a gratitude journal for your spouse. Everyday list 3-5 things that you are grateful for about that person. You...
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Help Teens Young Adults

How do parents help their teenage and young adult children most? Parents often struggle to find the most helpful way to empower their older children without going to the extremes of either being overbearing (the “helicopter” parent) or appearing to be uncaring (the completely “hands-off-because-you’re-on-your-own” parent). The principles I share below will help you help...
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#MeToo I am often asked how I can work with trauma victims all day without it leaving me completely void of energy, or worse. Particularly, victims of sexual abuse, hearing the stories, so different and yet so much of the same, over and over again. What’s most interesting to me though is that my job...
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Understanding Pornography

Understand Porn Addiction The Mind and The Brain There are numerous extraordinary wellsprings of help accessible clinically, yet in our opinion, they don’t address the genuine, profound parts of this fight. For instance, Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D., discusses the contrast between the subconscious and the cerebrum. He demonstrates how the psyche can change the physical mind...
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Vulnerability – Improve Intimacy

Improve Intimacy There is a vulnerability crisis in this world.  Cultivating intimacy (both emotional and physical) can be quite a challenge when a person’s shame meets the other’s and create a perfect shame storm. Brene Brown says that when she asked men, women, and couples: how do you practice wholeheartedness around sensitive and personal issues? ...
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