Even Addicts Need Love

Even Addicts Need Love Below is an email correspondence with a client that I wanted to share with you. (All personal information has been removed for confidential reasons.) His statement is in bold red, with my thoughts/answers following in black. – – – – – – beginning communication – – – – I can now see...
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My Nightmare Came TRUE!

My Daughter’s Playground Talk We all know that Pornography is continuously destroying families by pornographers targeting younger and younger generations and we are grateful for advocacy groups that are fighting this. #pornharms #womenfordecency #fightthenewdrug There are more and more groups standing up against the porn industry and their lackeys in Washington. Onto my Nightmare … I’m so...
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Fight The New Drug

Fight The New Drug Is it just a catchy name or is there something really to Fight The New Drug? I want to say they are the real deal. They are in this space not to make a ton of money but to help with a growing problem. Fight The New Drug is an amazing company...
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Porn Education – Really

How is porn being used for education? We already know that porn is causing problems and that many people professing to helping addicts, use it in their advertising. SHAME ON YOU! (those advertisers and therapists) Porn is being used as a primary source of sex ed for a lot of people. The facade that you...
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Biggest Problem Society

The World of Limbic Advertising I was reading an article that was phenomenal in helping people struggling with porn addiction. This individual had tremendous knowledge and was supporting it with data and other points of interest. It was great until this person decided to start linking specific details of the article and then posting images that...
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