Liz Harrell, AMFT

liz collingsI grew up in Utah and have four kids.  I am remarried and experiencing all the ups and downs of a blended family.  My favorite job is being a mom and my second favorite job is being an AMFT.

I love art, interior design, and photography. I like to get my “nature-fix” by hiking, climbing, running, or just taking a walk. I was able to live in Denmark for a year growing up, and in England for a semester in college.

I love Europe and my spouse, and I would like to live in Italy someday.  Hey, we can dream, right?

I believe that with the right motivation and dedication, nearly anything is possible.

I believe in the power of honoring your agency and what is of personal value and importance to you. Too many times we let our culture, religion, or family dictate where we should place our values and goals.

Having a neutral support from therapy has helped me many times in my life to re-establish the vision I want for myself and align myself with my goals and values.  I hope to offer that kind of safe and supportive environment to my clients.

Get to know Liz more by listening to a recent interview she had from Utah Family Law:

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