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LGBT – GAY – Lesbian – Homosexual – Right? or Wrong?

My Child Is Gay

You just found out your child is gay, they came out of the closet, so to say.

What do you do with a gay child?

This is the question many parents and loved ones ask themselves.

The next question is how can I fix them?

How can I get rid of, crush it, kill it and destroy this gayness?

With these questions asked so many times, we decided we would write an article to hopefully provide some help to you.

First, love your child.

We know it’s hard for you to learn this news, but also realize it was hard for them to tell you.

You may be thinking, “How did this happen? I must not have been a good parent. I must not of taught them well enough. I am a bad parent. I should of … ”

You may be thinking that you should take your child to reparative therapy so you can fix them.

Love Gay Teen In UtahAgain, love your child. Sit down with them, talk to them, discover how they are feeling.

Here is our philosophy towards helping those who are experiencing Same Sex Attraction (Gay, LGBT, Homosexual)


  • In short, we DO NOT do reparative or (gay to straight) conversion therapy.
  • We DO NOT believe SSA is an addiction or disorder.
  • We DO NOT use language like “Overcome SSA.” Such language creates an emotion of the individual inherently being broken and unequal.
  • We DO NOT believe SSA is a choice someone simply does or does not make.


We DO believe that we are all children of a loving God who does not make us as “mistakes”; He unconditionally loves us all.

We meet each client in a place of compassion and empathetic support based on their goals in life.

Our mission is to help families and their LGBT children connect and communicate; working through emotional injury, unhealthy coping mechanisms, or disconnection that have come from a result of trying to cope in the dark.  (See the startling results of rejection below!)

Gay Teen Dangers Utah

LGBT teens and young adults experiencing rejection in their families are:


  • Nearly 6 times as likely to have high levels of depression;
  • More than 8 times as likely to have attempted suicide;
  • More than 3 times as likely to use illegal drugs; and
  • More than 3 times as likely to engage in unprotected sexual behaviors that put them at increased risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


Working through this process can literally be a matter of life or death. Utah Family Therapy is dedicated to connecting and healing your family. We are here to help.

We work with clients in attaining deep self-worth, connection, compassion, and confidence.

We want you and your child to realize that you are of worth. You each have something to add value. Realize you are amazing. You are not broken. You each have different challenges and struggles, but we all do.

Learn to love each other for where you are at and who you are.

You can begin by learning how through our Parents Course below.

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